Hinsdale County Sheriff's Office
Lake City, Colorado
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Staff Page

Sheriff Ron Bruce

Bobbi McDonald
Office Manager

Undersheriff Justin Casey

           Deputy Andy Dozier                       Deputy Chris Kambish          

Deputy Denim Starnes                                          Reserve Deputy Tom Carl


  Thisphoto of the entire Hinsdale County Sheriff's Office was taken at the retirement luncheon given for Deputy Kelby Jenison February 19, 2014. CPW Officer Lucas Martin and Colorado State Patrol Sergeant John  Ehmsen also attended.

Three of our Deputies presenting the colors at the 2015 Annual World Champion Stick Horse contest in Lake City. Denim Starnes (left), Charles Ferris (center) and Chris Kambish (right).

Non-Certified Deputies
“Sworn Non-Certified” Deputies are volunteers, similar to “Reserve” Deputies but they have not graduated from a POST certified police academy, or, if they have, are no longer current.  As such they have no law enforcement authority except for two areas.  One, they CAN enforce County and Lake City Town Ordinances.  Two, in the event of an emergency, law enforcement authority can be temporarily bestowed by the Sheriff until such emergency has concluded.  Beyond that they perform such non-enforcement tasks as assigned by the Sheriff.  That can include security at various public events such as the annual local Wine & Music Festival, the 4th of July various events, traffic control, security at crime scenes/search & rescue events/wildland fires/evacuations/making notifications (death, evacs, etc)/court trials/Sheriff’s Office facilities/executive appearances.  Some Sworn Non-Certified Deputies are also providing, pro-bono, ALL legal necessities within the Agency.  Sworn Non-Certified Deputies also attend and participate in firearms and tactical training with the Sworn staff, at least once a year.  Sworn Non-Certified Deputies are an extremely valuable asset to the Hinsdale County Sheriff’s Office, especially considering this Agency’s limited financial resources. Sheriff Ron Bruce

Keith Chambers                                                 Dennis Cavit

Bernie Krystyniak Pat Holley Dec'd 08/19/14 John Bonner

  Jenna J. Sveen, Attorney                           Robert E. Lees, Attorney
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