Concealed Weapons

Additional Information

CONCEALED HANDGUN PERMITS: If you are interested in obtaining a Concealed Handgun Permit, please call the Sheriff's Office at 970.944.2291 for information. To review statewide data on CHPs, go to and click on "Home" then "Concealed Handgun Permits". That website has other interesting information supplied by the County Sheriffs of Colorado.

The State of Colorado allows the carrying of concealed weapons to all citizens 21 years old or older who successfully complete a concealed weapons course under the direction of a County Sheriff. Hinsdale County Sheriff Justin Casey is an active supporter of the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution and he encourages residents to obtain a Colorado Concealed Weapons permit (CCW).

A CCW will not be granted to a felon or a person under a restraining order. CCW licenses are only issued to Colorado residents. The State of Colorado recognizes the permits of most other states. There are other restrictions which can be explained by the Administrator or a Sheriff's Officer.

Gun Safety: To get good tips for gun safety for your family and in your home, please go to

 The fee for the CCW is $152.50 which includes the required fingerprinting. The course cost is $50.